What garments do we offer?

It is impossible to list all of the apparel brands that we offer; however, get started by checking out our  custom apparel catalog with the basics . If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us for further information and availability of additional choices.


Artwork FAQS

What is Production Ready Artwork?

One of the most difficult problems facing the custom imprinted industry today is the understanding of what is appropriate “Production Ready Artwork”. In the old days, “camera ready artwork” was acceptable, but in this day and age, we don’t use cameras anymore. In addition, scanning an image does not create a high quality imprint which leads to an unhappy client; therefore, we accept only high-quality digital art.

adapt to the printing process

Production Ready Artwork should not need any additional touch-up, design, color separation, or rearranging for use. Artwork when submitted is assumed to be in full compliance with laws governing copyrights, trademarks, etc. and we are not responsible for typographical errors incorporated in submitted artwork. We reserve the right to make slight alterations in copy and logos to adapt to the printing process. Torches reserves the right not to print any logo or message that is deemed inappropriate.

What graphics software is acceptable?

Artwork will be accepted digitally from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop depending on the type or style of graphic.
Adobe® Illustrator® (any version, PC or Mac) is our preferred design software choice.
Photoshop® (black-and-white, .tiff, .pict, .jpeg, .png files) scanned or created at 300 min. DPI (high resolution) at approximately the actual size of the imprint area to achieve acceptable printing results.

What formats are preferred?

PDF: Portable Document Format (Most Preferred) – If properly created and saved, the PDF format preserves the integrity of the original graphics file and is fully compatible with professional graphics programs. Just because the file is saved as a PDF does not guarantee that it is acceptable as production ready artwork. The file MUST be created in Illustrator or Photoshop.
EPS: Encapsulated PostScript – Most professional graphics applications can create EPS files. It preserves the integrity of both the bitmap and vector data.

What artwork is not acceptable?

Designs created in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, or similar programs are not acceptable for Production Ready Artwork nor intended for that purpose. Scans of logos or letterhead/business cards are low quality and will not produce acceptable printing outcomes. JPEG and GIF files are a raster format that is often associated with low resolution web graphics. If the images are obtained from a website, they will be at 72 dpi and will not have enough resolution to produce a high quality imprint. At this point, your sales rep can help you find a solution to get your artwork Production Ready! 

Why do we prefer Vector Art?

We recommend using vector art, because it produces the highest resolution artwork directly reflecting the quality of the imprinting process. It is “resolution-independent,” which means it can be enlarged without affecting the quality of your imprint. DPI is not a factor for vector images and they do not have resolution issues because they are not composed of pixels. The quality of the vector image is solely dependent on the graphic software and the artist.

Are Raster Images part of your artwork?

Raster Art (Placed/Continuous Tonal Image) is “resolution-dependent”. When you change the size of the artwork, you change the resolution quality. This means that the resolution (DPI) of your file is critical to the quality of your final imprint. Artwork files should be at least 300 DPI at 100% of final size, since enlarging the graphic will decrease the resolution possibly making it look jagged or fuzzy. That is why a web file such as a .jpeg, .gif, or .png format is unacceptable because they are usually about 72 DPI and the size of the file is usually small. Grayscale images and bitmaps must be at least 600 DPI. Do not submit files with linked images, but instead embed all graphics. An example of a raster image is a photograph. Photographs are made up of pixels unlike vector artwork. Please inquire if you have any questions and our creative team can help you get your artwork ready!

What if I do not have artwork?

Don’t worry! If artwork is not available, supply what you can and our creative team will take it from there. Some of the best designs have been sketched on napkins and brown paper bags.  Additional charges may apply for artwork services and every custom design is quoted individually to best fit your needs.  Please call us to discuss!

How do I submit my artwork?

E-mail your original art file to: info@torchesds.com
Attach a copy of the art layout with your order as a .jpeg or .pdf file.  Fonts should be outlined!!