Digital printing is a newer technology for printing on apparel and a great alternative to screen printing. Different than traditional screen printing, digital printing uses CMYK/4 color process water based inks to achieve a full array of colors.


The detail is remarkable and the number of colors achievable is near limitless. Torches Design Studio has one of the best digital printers in the industry. With the patented technology of pre-treating inside the machine, our Kornit Storm offers a cost-effective solution for printing designs with incredible detail and tons of colors.

What is Digital Printing
(aka Direct-to-Garment/DTG)?

Digital Printing is 4-color process printing on apparel using modified inkjet printer technology specifically designed for fabric. Digital printing uses a computer to process the artwork in CMYK and then prints the image directly onto the apparel. The environmentally friendly ink is sprayed on the top layer of the fabric creating incredible detail with vivid colors.