Torches Design Studio Stands out from the competition

There are thousands of companies that can print t-shirts and sell promotional products online. Torches Design Studio does more than that…we develop brands with a personal touch! Brand recognition is the lifeblood for all companies no matter the size and Torches understands that developing products is so much more than just printing a logo on an item.

It is about the design, the concept, the look, the feel or “the culture” of what the brand is and needs to be. These items create memories! Memories make you who you are and who you want to be. Memories create emotions and emotions drive brands.

Torches Design Studio stays ahead of the trends

Torches Design Studio stays ahead of the trends and demonstrates that through the design and development process. We spend quality time with our clients evaluating design concepts, garment choices, color trends, current styles, display options, incentive programs, etc. We are committed to being a partner in the overall growth and success of each and every business we service no matter the size.

stand out in a crowd

We pride ourselves in staying on top of what’s hot in the retail marketplace. Having a presence on both the West Coast and East Coast allows us to keep ahead of the latest trends in design, garments, and colors.   We use that information when conceptualizing new ideas and one of a kind designs that make our clients stand out in a crowd.

top quality products

With over 20 years of development and manufacturing knowledge, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the merchandise world. Creating top quality products that sell well in the marketplace is what drives Torches Design Studio. When you look good, Torches Design Studio looks good! From our customer service, to the products out the door, and everything in between, Torches Design Studio continues to be the most creative team around! Want us to take your merchandise products to new creative levels that you never thought possible? Call us now!